Coffee Mug Leaf Green(Set of 2)

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Coffee Mugs from Earthy Allure are exclusively hand crafted to add that personal touch to your coffee drinking ritual. Our creations don’t just speak crockery, they are a piece of pottery you would be proud to own. So, pamper yourself by gifting yourself one today!

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About Product :Hand crafted Earthy Allure Studio Pottery is made out of stoneware clay which attributes to its sturdiness. Finished in variety of led free nontoxic glazes each piece from our collection has unique characteristics and is a magnificent canvass in its own right. Our domestic earthen ware range is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe reflecting our motivation towards utility.

About Stoneware: Stoneware is a rather broad term for pottery or other ceramics made out of a type of clay that is fired at a relatively high temperature of 1,200°C or more .It gets its name from its stone like qualities being  though dense, impermeable and hard enough to resist scratching by a steel point making it more durable material as compared to porcelain or earthenware

Product Features:

  • Exclusively Hand Made
  • Chip Resistant
  • Strong and Durable
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe.
  • Made with Food Grade Lead Free glaze

Care and Maintenance

  • Sponge in Warm Soapy Water is Recommended.
  • Do not Use Scrub
  • Please do not expose to direct heat sources such as the hob or grill.
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes when using stoneware. For example, do not remove the plate from the refrigerator or freezer and place it directly into the oven.

As the products are hand crafted there might be a slight colour, shape or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique


Weight .95 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 15 cm




Pack Content

Set of 2 includes 2 cups


220 ml


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